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Writing, Writing, And More Writing.

Let's face it. Writing is time consuming, thought intensive, and requires a lot of effort. Yet, writing can be one of the best things you've ever done for your business or organization. It allows you to review your ideas in great detail, go through your products and services, and ensure there is flow and continuity to your system. And most it all, it provides your audience with what they desire: mouth watering descriptions of what you can do for them.

Good Writing Built The Web

What do we all love most about the World Wide Web? For many of us, it may be how quickly and easily it enables us to talk to our family members, co-workers, and meet new people. But a close second is probably the awesome power of having a constantly growing and automatically updated encyclopedia of information at our fingertips. And this requires writing and lots of it.

Thanks to visionaries like the creators of Wikipedia, we have amazing Web sites where we can learn about anything. But just as important as online encyclopedias are the plethora of blogs, business sites, and hobby sites that give us extremely detailed information on very specific subjects. And you usually can't find that in an encyclopedia.

This is where content writers like you and me come in.

Putting Your Visions On Web Pages

Writing a lot of high quality content can be a daunting task. Writing this web site you are reading right now took me hours and hours. Conveying the essence of a set of concepts to your audience in such a way that your readers see and feel what you are seeing and feeling is an art. And making it all grammatically correct with no spelling errors takes an especially technical-minded person. I would like to think that I have a good helping of both qualities.

My writing style is organized, follows common essay structure (when appropriate), and is easy to understand for a general audience. I strive to incorporate strong statements, poignant questions, and other attention-getting sentences in my pages. I also hold no qualms about throwing bits of humor into my articles, even for business content, since entertainment is just plain good marketing for almost any content.

During my ten year information technology career, I have been required to write loads of documentation, flowcharts, diagrams and other technical writing for general as well as technical audiences. Much of the reason I have written so much is that my colleagues have asked me to do it, knowing the quality of content that I produce. That and they probably wanted to focus on other more exciting tasks! But, hey, I like writing documentation and enjoy producing content that I know will inform and accurately communicate ideas to an audience. It makes me feel good!


Email Me!

If you are looking to produce well formatted, professional documentation, or to put your ideas into words, charts, and diagrams, email me at and we'll talk about it. Offload some of your writing work to someone who loves it.

Writing Portfolio

Korey Pelton's Cycling Blog - The very best thing to write about is something that you are passionate about. I am passionate about bicycles, cycling, and using bicycles as a method of transportation. Articles on my blog have been featured on Bannock Transportation Planning Organization and other sites.

Idaho State Linux Users Group - Open Source software is yet another passion of mine, and this web site is an example of of my more technical writing. I write tutorials aimed at providing the intermediate Linux user with some valuable tools that solve recent problems I have encountered while running Ubuntu Linux. I also help post southeastern Idaho jobs and minutes of club meetings.

Helium Articles - I've had some success at writing articles, one of which was a top seller in their Marketplace. I wish I had more time to write for this site but, alas, I need to earn more money than pays! I highly recommend sites like this for budding writers since it is a fun way to exercise your writing skills, compete against other writers, and earn a few pennies at the same time.

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